20 minute non-promotional audio interview


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20 minute non-promotional audio interview

James Miller | Lifeology has a current audience of 3.2 million listeners per episode

This interview* is specific for individuals who are ONLY interested in sharing their life story and the lessons they have learned. You will not be considered an “expert” but will simply share your story. If you are wanting to be interviewed as an “expert” on Lifeology, please select the promotional interview below.

20 minute promotional audio interview

Often people ask if they can share their story and then tell the audience about their book, event, or product.  At the end of the interview you are always allowed to tell people where they may find or follow you online. The audience will, at their own discretion, discover your products and services on their own.

Your interview will run in perpetuity and be promoted on the following platforms:

National Radio Stations

17 am/fm terrestrial radio stations: Tuesday 1:30 pm, Friday 9:30 am and Saturday at 12:30pm

  • Radio Station Call letters: WAMF – DB
  • Washington, DC: FM -96.7
  • Tampa, FL: AM -1630, FM – 92.1
  • Las Vegas, NV: AM – 1520, FM 99.5
  • Macon, GA: AM – 810, FM – 87.9
  • Lancaster, PA: AM – 1640, FM 102.1
  • Boulder, CO: FM – 96.3
  • Milwaukee, WI: FM – 90.3
  • Pittsburgh, PA: FM – 94.7
  • Long Beach, CA: FM – 101.5
  • New Port Richey, FL: FM – 88.3
  • The Villages, FL: FM – 97.7
  • Colorado Springs, CO: FM – 87.9
  • Jacksonville, FL; FM – 90.3

Podcasting Platforms

Streaming Radio

Digitally (Under AMFM247 Channel)

  • Roku
  • WorldTV
  • Dish TV
  • Youtube
  • Google TV
  • Other Network Stations Inclusion

*James Miller | Lifeology reserves the right to screen and/or deny any person, product, event, interview or advertisement

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact James below.

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